Vivaldi browser and open-source

  • The most important in a bright software is that it works and it works well, not that it is open-sourced or closed-sourced. You guys at Vivaldi do a wonderful job with your browserS and what you deliver is (far) better than other competitors who care more about ethics than white elephants they propose to their users (I'm thinking to the collapsing 'fox saying that).

    I miss Presto and Carakan too. It was a wonderful browser couple, which made me love Opera at first sight when I saw them in action in Opera 10.50. I finally ditched it at 12.16 when I found that browser compatibility was not good enough. Vivaldi browser sweet talked to me when I saw what it consists in: the Presto-Opera based UX with the browser compatibility I missed in the final versions of the ancient Opera. That's why you became my default browser. Chromium is a good compromise.

  • @BoneTone said in Vivaldi browser and open-source:

    they aren't trying to be "the one browser for everyone."

    They are trying to be the one browser.
    ... provided you can make sense of the settings and customization and provided you have no extra wishes.

    When it boils down to the extra wishes: They cannot provide them.
    (Not meaning they do not want to provide them, but they simply cannot cater for all individual users)

    That's where Extensions come in - but Vivaldi is lacking in Extension support too, because some functions are incompatible with Vivaldi or have side effects, e.g. especially when it comes to tab management and power handling, because the UI of Vivaldi is different and they use some internal APIs which they did not expose for Extensions use.

    I know what I am talking about, because I ran several times into issues where the Extension worked fine in Chromium but caused issues in Vivaldi, despite I used only standard API calls and validated them with the latest ES validator. Sadly there is no developer relation set up, so we can't even ask how to solve those Vivaldi specific problems, because those who know the answers (aka. the devs) point us to the source code (4 GB packed!) which is partly written in languages I am not comfortable with (and I bet most of the Extension authors are not comfortable with those too) which in effect makes "fixing" annoyances almost impossible.

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