BUG: When opening Browser it opens an infinite number of browsers

  • Hi, I'm using Windows 10 and Vivaldi has worked great up until this latest build. When ever I open Vivaldi it starts to open an unending amount of Vivaldi browsers. The only way I have to stop it is to go into task manager and end Vivaldi. I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it keeps repeating the problem. Anyone else having this problem?

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    Sounds completely unique. Never heard of anything remotely like it.

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    I never had this. And i am testing Vivaldi (Snapshots, Betas and other builds) very much on Windows 10 Release.
    Sorry, to say this.

    I inspected the bug tracker and found sometimes after crashes this issue happend very seldom für one or two users, but this could never be reproduced by developers and testers.

    Can you uninstall Vivaldi andd reinstall with last version?

    May be you can test it with a fresh profile?
    1. Goto %LOCALAPPDATA%
    2. rename the folder Vivaldi to Vivaldi-BACKUP
    3. Start Vivaldi
    4. Is the problem already existent?

  • I played around with it and found that it only happens when Vivaldi is opening slowly and I click to make sure I have actually activated the short cut. But instead of opening two Vivaldi browsers it starts to open an infinite amount.

    When I wait for Vivaldi to open after the first click it only opens one browser.

    Gwen-Dragon when I get home I'll try what you have posted and see if that fixes the problem.

  • My computer (W7) doesn't open "an infinite number of browsers", but when I double-click to open Vivaldi, it opens 3 browsers which all close when I try to close one of them. Let me specify that if I double-click, it's because just clicking once doesn't open Vivaldi.
    So everything closes and I re-double click and this time everything goes fine. :silly:

  • I tried to update to the newest version of Vivaldi and it wouldn't let me so I uninstalled and reinstalled under the newest build and it seems to have fixed everything. Seems like Ayespy was right and the problem was super specific.

    Thanks for all the help! Happy surfing!

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