When using back button the page loses position

  • This has been a "bug" for a while now, some of the snapshots seemed to have fixed it, and some break it again. I am not sure if there is a setting for this, I have not found one.

    So the easiest example is a forum like Reddit, or using a search engine like Duck Duck Go. (It is NOT just these two sites, it is literally every page) I am navigating any page that can scroll, and I am part way down the page. I click the link and read the message or go to the link in DDG. So far, things are fine, working as expected.

    When going back one page by using the address bar back arrow button, the original page loses its position and always brings me back to the top of the page. It is maddening that I have to scroll back down through dozens of posts or by dozens of clicked links to get back to where I last was. On pages with infinite scroll, this could be hundreds of lines down from where I last read.

    Is there a setting to fix this, or is it truly a bug? The only extension I currently have is CamelCamelCamel, and I have tried disabling that with zero change. It makes no difference whether I am in a normal or private window.

    Win10, Vivaldi 3.2.1967.38 (Official Build) (64-bit). This is not specific to this snapshot, it has been happening for months and months now.

  • In many cases the page forces a reload, which will do this. For example on these forums browsing in Unread reloads while browsing in Recent doesn't. (That's why I use Recent instead of Unread.)

    Give some examples so we can see if it is the page or the browser.

  • I gave the examples of Reddit and Duck Duck Go browser above. On most sites, (including Reddit) you have to be logged in to get never ending scrolling (or whatever term a particular site calls it). So I am not sure what good it will do to recommend sites that aren't going to get tested anyway.

    Funny that only Vivaldi has this issue, so I am not sure what to think of you saying it is a site problem and not a browser issue.

    I will just chalk it up to another Vivaldi annoyance, and move on. At this point I am not even sure why I use Vivaldi with all the unfixed bugs. It feels like it never gets to the point where it is really fully usable or stable. I have tried both Vivaldi Stable, and the Snapshots, and there are long standing glaring bugs in both versions.

    I am so disappointed with using Vivaldi after the years upon years of being so happy with (old) Opera. I was around even in the paid days of Opera, and I really want to like Vivaldi. I sometimes cannot believe it is the same team putting out both products. I used to recommend Opera to everyone, now I won't even admit I use it when asked.

  • I didn't say it was a site problem, I said it could be. It isn't a problem I have encountered - but I stick to Snapshot builds and thus can't rule out that it might happen in Stable. And I made no mention of "infinite scroll" - though now that you mention it perhaps that would be related ... no, that wouldn't. On sites like Flickr I've seen it go Back to a wrong place, but that isn't the top.

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