Vivaldi 3.2 RC 1 – Vivaldi Desktop Browser snapshot 1967.38

  • @thomasp: Thank you

  • For me lichess is still broken. I don’t mind on snapshot, but this shouldn’t make it to stable imo.

  • @luetage Agreed, they can't release a Stable with a pretty big crashing bug (even if I don't use the site).

    Also the blank page issue with "Gannet Media" sites like USA Today etc should be fixed, it seems to affect a lot of users.

    If not fixed, they will likely have to wait several months for a new stable release.

    I say keep the snapshots coming but let these issues be fixed before Stable.

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    @Pathduck That will never happen. Stable updates have to be released to include security fixes. There will always be some sites that don't work and perhaps a few that cause crashes.

    They cannot make a train wait for every passenger who is delayed.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @pathduck: The "Gannet Media" sites like USA Today we cannot yet reproduce. You cannot fix something when you do not what it is. Furthermore it would seem from reports that people have exactly this issue in 3.1, so what purpose does it serve to delay 3.2. Those affected will still be affected but nobody else will benefit from 3.2.

    Finally, it does not have to wait for months. If we work out the issue with "Gannet Media" and fix it in 3.3 snapshot, I would expect us to backport it.

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    @Ruarí Looking at Jira, the Gannett problem is reproduced. Some locations outside the US could not reproduce it.

  • @Ruarí said in Vivaldi 3.2 RC 1 – Vivaldi Desktop Browser snapshot 1967.38:

    Finally, it does not have to wait for months. If we work out the issue with "Gannet Media" and fix it in 3.3 snapshot, I would expect us to backport it.

    Fair enough. Hope you can work it out and glad it's not sites I use daily anyway 🙂

    @Ayespy Yes, EU (and maybe other locations) are redirected to another server like where the issue doesn't happen. So I assume this is only NA users. Probably it's for GDPR reasons. So unless someone in the EU has a VPN set to the US they wouldn't see it.

    It would be very interesting to know what's been causing it. What I really don't understand is why a site that presumably works fine in Chrome/Chromium would break so totally in Vivaldi. After all, it's the same rendering engine (Blink) underneath right?

  • Vivaldi Team

    @ayespy: Ok, will check it out over the weekend. I am not technically working (vacation still), so have not followed everything.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @pathduck: It should be but there are differences, e.g. if our ad blocking was enabled. We also do some different things with media.

  • @Pathduck said in Vivaldi 3.2 RC 1 – Vivaldi Desktop Browser snapshot 1967.38:

    So I assume this is only NA users

    No that cannot be true. I'm in Australia, & have reproduced the problems with these sites numerous times... & posted such in prior threads.

  • The snapshot stream URIs (1967.38) Linux downloads (e.g. 64-bit deb) are 404. Only the downloads for the stable stream seem to be posted.

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    @JoshStrobl I pinged the responsible person now. Stay tuned.

    //Edit: Links are fixed now!

  • ребята что за де****** вы выпустили ?
    после обновления начались жуткие тормоза в работе браузера :((((
    переход между вкладками ужас тормознутый :((((

    до snapshot 1967.30 включительно все работало намного лучше на седьмой винде

    modedit language

  • Something is wrong with cookies, they are there but they are not saved properly. I'm using/testing 3.1 on Ubuntu with uBlock Origin and 3.2 on Win 10 with your internal solution blocking ads and trackers and i get the same result, some later on, cookies are not saved and web sites start asking for it.

  • Recently, something little of these updates. I understand the summer period, but due to the epidemics in the world of technology, everything shifted in time, so there should rather be more news or corrections and the other way around. At least you would give the stable 3.2 for the vacation. I hope you will get back to work as soon as possible, because the beginning of the year was promising and I could finally say that Vivaldi is struggling with others.

  • @MattSolo45 Hi, What other user's have stated is true concerning the site's associated with the 'parent' site: . In the defense of the developer's of the browser, they normally do issue a 'fix' for an issue when more than one user has the same issue. In my mind once they determine where the problem is I feel confident something will get done about it. As I've stated previously, I think what puzzles me the most is that other chromium based browser's load the site's in question correctly.

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    New Vivaldi 3.2 Stable is released!

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