Add Context Menu to Quick Search

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    I'm one of those people who has a lot of bookmarks that lie neatly in their folders by type
    sometimes it takes some time to find the right bookmark in the menu (3-5 seconds is not much, but it distracts from the pace of work)

    that's exactly what a Quick Commands is for
    but what do we have?
    we can open bookmarks that have a search term in their title
    also we can open bookmark folder, but it lead to open ALL bookmarks in this folder

    this system doesn't work when you need to find a bookmark that doesn't have a search term in title, but you know for sure it's in this folder

    what to do?
    I think it was convenient to add a context menu(?) to a Quick Commands for this kind of cases

    you can use arrows keys: right - open, left - close

    also, it will be neat in fullscreen mod

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