Split View / Bookmarks as in Opera 12 is all i need :)

  • Hello ! i couldnt believe it but when i saw who the lead programmer for Vivaldi is i instantly downloaded this browser. I am looking for a replacement for my Opera 12.17 since years. All i need is SPLIT VIEW for my Bookmarks as in Opera 12 The endless long standard Explorer bookmark panel kept me away from switching to another browser. Its simply the best way to surf through all my bookmarks. Please add a SPLIT VIEW function to your left Bookmark Panel and i die for it :cheer: EDIT: i just wanted to Bookmark this posting but i couldnt find a way to Drag Drop this TAB into my Bookmark folder ?

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    Split view is a term with which I am unfamiliar. Not sure exactly what it means.

    That said, you can drag the addressbar address to the bookmarks bar. Otherwise, it does not appear you can actually drag it to another bookmarks folder directly from the addressbar as yet but expect this to be implemented sooner or later.

  • Split View > Bookmark folders in upper window part of the side bar


    Bookmarks in the lower part split by a variable line

    I think the creator of this browser knows exactly what i am looking for because Split View was one of the best functions under opera 9-12

    Its just way better to click through all the bookmarks with it 😉

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    I see. In that case, all you need is … patience.

  • i just keep using opera 12.17 😃

    everything still works with it just a tad slower than the chrome engine.

  • Well i am still hoping for SPLIT VIEW to come to Vivaldi.

    It cant be to hard to implement this feature.

    So far Opera 39 is much better than Vivaldi with VPN and V7 Bookmark bar.

    I dont know why you developers add all kind of useless things to your browser and claim its like Opera 12.18 while you are not giving us Bookmark Split View which is the most comfortable way to use Bookmarks…


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