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  • I have just started Vivaldi, but I like my user name no longer. Above all, I want to have address a different name for my email. Can I change this oder give myself a differenz E-Mail Adress ?

  • You are in the wrong section ;) For Vivaldi Webmail support:

    Some from the Vivaldi team said that they plan a aliases feature for Vivaldi Mail in future. In this case, you could then use another email address. But i don't know when it will be available :dry:

    About your username: I already suggested that it would be good if there were a way to change the username, of course there should be a limited number for the possibilitie to change the username. I don't know whether it comes. But i don't think that it would touch the original username+email adress, it would be more like a display name for the forum and blog. Some forum software solutions supports this. For new email adress linked to your current account you must unfortunately wait till aliases arrive.

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