Is it Linux Mint 20 - why is Vivaldi getting slower

  • There are sites that take forever to load but when I open Firefox the same page quickly loads. Heck even opening the page took 20 seconds. I never used to have these issues with Vivaldi. Some differences are the update to Linux Mint 20 and updates to Vivaldi.

    Hm? At the moment I can't remember the key combo to view Vivaldi memory use.

    Maybe some setting changed but I'm about ready to go back to FF.

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    @Urdrwho10 said in Is it Linux Mint 20 - why is Vivaldi getting slower:

    At the moment I can't remember the key combo to view Vivaldi memory use.

    Try Shift+Escape, or Ctrl+F1 for the Cheat-sheet.


  • Try clearing the cache (Ctl-Shift-Del or just delete all ~/.cache (which, obviously, contains also other apps’ cache)).

  • @Urdrwho10 In addition to the good cache-clearing process, it might be interesting to try your target sites [after first doing the cache, & if that did not solve it for you] from a new test profile you create now in V. If that is also unsatisfactory that would lead further investigation in a different direction than if your new profile were to prove nice & snappy.

  • Thinks for some info on shortcuts and clearing cache.

    I cleared cache and also looked at the memory use.

    Here is an example. It has been one minute since I put the Https site address in for my online bank. It is sitting still, doing nothing.

    Went over to FF while waiting and bang-bang site loaded right away.

    I have adblockers disabled for my bank site.

  • @Urdrwho10
    Hi, there is something serious on your system/Vivaldi or a corrupt profile.
    Last you can easy check with a Guest profile.

    Cheers, mib

  • This post is deleted!

  • Well I tried the guest mode and didn't see much difference. I'm on Linux Mint DE 4 right now and I don't think I am seeing the lag that I see in LM 20.

    Could it be the graphics?

    My LMDE4 is Mate
    My LM 20 is Cinnamon

    I may give the LM 20 fall back mode a try which is Gnome.

  • I use 32bit puppy linux and vivaldi runs superbly on here.Linux mint is rather bloated in my opinion..puppy is nice and lean.

  • @Priest72 Yep LM Cinnamon is resource intensive but I have enough ram that it works well for me.

    I've tried Puppy in the past, works well but it is a little too lean.

    I only noticed this sluggishness lately.

  • @Urdrwho10 One of the problems i had with mint is the constant disk thrashing and i could hear the disk grinding. It is a very nice distro but all in all i did quite a bit of distro-hopping and finally decided upon xenial puppy linux.

    I have only been using vivaldi for a brief time but i must say it is the best browser i have used on puppy and i was actually surprised how well it runs.
    Have you by any chance used bleachbit on mint...? may help but just be careful with it.

  • @Priest72 said in Is it Linux Mint 20 - why is Vivaldi getting slower:

    xenial puppy linux

    I never let my fingertips touch bleachbit.

    I've been playing with Linux for many, many years. A while ago I stopped using bleachbit because so many times it went (or I went) to aggressive and it messed things up.

    LMDE4 runs well and very stable. LMDE was my daily for a while and then I started using Cinnamon again just for the pretty things and to use up to date items. Maybe I'll go back to LDME4.

    I may look at Puppy again.

    Now back to the Vivaldi issue, I don't know why it is doing with it does. It doesn't do it in Opera or Firefox so who knows??

  • The other thing it does once in a while and it just did it is to crash. Boom....down it goes.

    For years now I've been committed to Vivaldi but for a while I may have to devote time to another browser. For a while and then maybe try back in a while. 😞

  • I can report that the recent update may have solved some of the issues I noted.

  • @Urdrwho10 Did you update mint recently by any chance.?..i was wondering if an incremental mint update could of solved an issue.

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