Tab image pop-up thumbnails

  • Hi, is it possible to change the tab image pop-up size or even to remove it and keep with only the text? The pop-up itself are really useful but thumbnails take so much space for me

    Edit: not having thumbnails but keeping the pop-up would be specially useful for tab stacking

  • Vivaldi Translator

    You can disable the popups in Settings > Tabs > Tab Options. If you do this you can still get tooltips with the full tab name if you put your mouse over the a tab. However, it is slower than the popups, if you move the mouse to another tab you'll have to wait again for it to appear, and it doesn't work with tab stacks.

    You might be able to keep the popups but without thumbnails using a custom CSS modification, though.

    Edit - Quick CSS mod (see here how to use):

    div#vivaldi-tooltip .thumbnail-image {
      display: none !important;

  • @Komposten Thanks very much, it almost works as intended but unfortunately not with tab stacking.

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