How do you disable updates for plugins

  • How do you disable updates for plugins & is their a way to revert to a previous version of a plugin?

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    @Onieyus Do you mean extensions?

    Normally these are distributed through the google web store. they will always use the latest version.

    If the extension is open source, older versions may be available on their repository page. You can check on their homepage.

    There isn't any way to disable checks for updates to extensions, as far as I know.

  • @LonM Thanks for the answer (I did mean extension), I guess I'll jest need to keep a backup to replace the updated version with whenever it auto updates. (Some of the extensions ive been using now want access to information that frankly they dont need access to.)

    PS: setting the extensions folders to read only seems to be working for now.

  • @Onieyus Once you install an extension with the "Load unpacked" option (Developer Mode), they can only be updated manually.

    You can point the installer to the folder containing the manifest file from your backup.

    You might also be able to obtain an older version if you search around, there are sites out there for this purpose. BUT- big warning here - there is zero guarantee the CRX file you download has not been tampered with in the meantime so you need to very careful using such sites.

    I would not recommend you set the extension folder read-only, it's bound to get you into problems down the road...

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