Option to change Vivaldi icon color…

  • Please add option to change Vivaldi icon color. I want to change it to a black and white icon to go with the dark theme. A black and white version will also blend in well with more themes, without color clashing. Or add an option to let us set our own custom icon.

  • still want

  • You are welcome to ask, but I have a feeling that you could be waiting a long time for this. Software companies don't like anything that tampers with their logo, which is part of their identity.

  • @TsunamiZ:

    still want

    Just use Restorator and do it yourself

  • but i don't want to "hack" it, because then i would have to redo it everytime i update the program. i prefer native support to just select a different color icon. i prefer a black and white one to go with the dark theme.

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    Were you aware that the bug reporting page is also for users to put in feature requests? https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/

  • I'm currently doing this with ResourceHacker, and it works really well on Windows 10. Yes, you have to do it each time, but mind that Vivaldi won't do this because logos are trademarks and they would have to register each change, probably.

  • updated my request

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