Unable to use Google login?

  • So far loving the browser but it seems like i'm unable to use my Google account to login to sites. On Chrome this works fine, i'd go to a site like SBnation, go to login, click Google & it would just work. On here the page opens a window, the window closes, and nothing happens, i'ms still not logged in. I can log into Youtube or Google search fine, it's external sites where I can use Google to sign in, that's the problem. Any way this could be added in?

  • Same here on Mac. When I try to use asana.com it just doesn't work

  • (vivaldi excecutable here!) –app=""

  • Hello, I tried that, but it doesn’t help. What is the exact problem anyway? Why can’t the browser communicate with the Google server?

  • Just for show, but does say it is an incomplete chrome excecutable sort of,
    really, there is no way for vivaldi to handle getting your username and password and making that the bla bla bla
    just wait for vivivaldi sync


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