• 😞 I cannot use Vivaldi to view Netflix movies. When you load a movie it asks to use the Microsoft Silverlight plugin which I have installed but cannot find out how to invoke it in Vivaldi

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    Silverlight relies on NPAPI flash, which is being deprecated in modern browsers. Vivaldi does not support it. Soon, Silverlight will be supported only in IE11 and Mozilla browsers. Then, since MS has quit developing it, it won't be supported at all.

    I don't watch Netflix movies, but some here do, and I think someone may be able to help you with how to watch them in HTML5 or something.

  • NPAPI support is feasible, just take a look at Cent Browser release notes: Slimjet is also in the process of getting this down too: These are both Chromium-based browsers. And what about Pale Moon, I mean they may be fork now, but they are still Powered By Mozilla and will continue support for it:

    I think the problem for the developers will be maintaining it themselves.

  • Thank you for the help - I spoke to Netflix and they are in the process of upgrading all their channels to support HTML5 although they could not give me a release date - I told them about Vivaldi and how the Speed dial screen had the same look and feel as Netflix and they said they will have a look.

  • Netflix has HTML5 support but it does not seem to work with VIVALDI - it gives me the attached message - VIVALDI speed dial makes an awesome menu system for on-line streaming TV and I would dearly love to use it but Netflix is also an awesome movie streaming service and it does work on all the other browsers with Windows 7. How can I get a message to the VIVALDI development team?


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