The future of website dark mode for Vivaldi for Android?

  • I've raised this in the Vivaldi sub-reddit in Reddit, but I suppose it's best asked here. I'll repost what I asked there here.

    In light of the link below claiming that Chrome's canary build seems to be abandoning the experimental flag that forces websites into dark mode, will this have any impact on the website dark mode implementation in Vivaldi for Android? Is this a Chrome only issue and doesn't affect other Chromium based browsers?

    There is some debate saying that even if the setting has been removed, it's likely that the devs are trying another way of implementing this feature, so it might not be gone after all. Still, it's a bit worrying that this feature might be removed and I'm hoping that Vivaldi is able to circumnavigate this. I'd hate to lose this feature in the Android browser.

  • I hope we will have an official answer regarding dark mode on Android.

  • @Furax31 Yes, it'd be nice to have some clarity about the issue. For many, it's an important setting that greatly enhances browsing and saves battery. It'd be a shame if it were lost and no workaround was possible.

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    @Gort , a substitute has to be very possible, it can be simply a modification of the "Invert Filter" that is already in Vivaldi desktop, or the implementation of the code of one of the OpenSource dark mode extensions.

  • Sorry to bump, but it would be nice if someone in the know would confirm or deny the issue I raised in the opening post.

    Website dark mode is a great feature that's relatively popular, so would be missed if it was removed from Vivaldi due to possible changes in Chromium.

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