Big new features list

  • Hello. I'd like to present you my list of the things I noticed after few hours of using Vivaldi [latest version 64bit, Win7]. I'd like it basically to go towards Opera 12.x because it is in my opinion a model to follow. Sorry for my English, btw. 1. dialog box confirming closure of the browser 2. option to edit an address of the speed dial from thumbnail menu [strike]3. dark theme for all the menus, dialog boxes, history, extensions, etc[/strike] [strike]4. delicate borders for the tabs and buttons[/strike] 5. opening a new tab from typing in search bar if current tab is other than speed dial [strike]6. option to automatically delete folder with the previous version of the browser from disk[/strike] 7. option to automatically clean the cache from the disk after certain time [strike]8. delayed loading tabs in the background (no caching not focused tabs)[/strike] 9. ability to save an image with Ctrl + LMB 10. ability to change an order of the search engines 11. option to clone tab in the background after double clicking on it 12. already focused search box after opening History window + dynamic searching 13. X button near history address for quick delete + more columns with more information of the addresses 14. "browse" button in Download Location section 15. "Paste and go in the new tab" function in url address menu 16. double click on free space on the tab bar opens new tab + option to disable "+" on tab bar 17. "move to new window in background" option in tab menu 18. add passwords filter in Settings (like with cookies) 19. hibernating tabs in background enabled by default 20. auto opening search list after typing 21. animation of opening/closing tabs 22. [strike]2. ability to disable the X button on the tabs [/strike] 23. night mode in page actions (only darken backgrounds and not very contrasting fonts) 24. possibility of customization (removal, move) of selected buttons on the tool-bars 25. possibility of moving buttons from the status bar into the address bar (to hide it without loosing options) 26. customization of any menu (delete, change function order) 27. adjustable hiding scroll-bars (like in Minimal Scrollbar extension) 28. [strike]10. dynamic hiding links bar, independent of the status bar (like in Firefox)[/strike] 29. session manager (like in Opera 12.x) 30. automatic saving of the last tabs/windows and their history as the session 31. [strike]15. "Clone tab in background" button next to the Trash icon button[/strike] 32. history panel (like in Opera 12.x) 33. links panel (like in Opera 12.x) 34. [strike]21. option to set panel icons on the right side of the panel[/strike] 35. [strike]22. ability to lock the changing of the panel width[/strike] 36. [strike]23. ability to open new tabs to the right of the current tab (and other orders of placing new tabs)[/strike] 37. [strike]24. possibility of going to the next opened tab from the previous one (and other options for behaving after closing tab)[/strike] 38. option to set unclickable urls & email addresses into clickable ones 39. sub panel with information about downloaded files in the downloads panel 40. balloons with preview information on the bookmarks, notes and downloaded files 41. site settings visible only at vivaldi://settings/content, this could be in general options 42. import/export settings option 43. notification of downloaded files 44. [strike]38. trash for bookmarks and notes[/strike] 45. option to color progress bar in url bar 46. add actions page function somewhere else than status bar (when it's off)


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