Vivaldi logo/icon problem

  • First of all: I love this browser, cudos to all developers and supporters! Second of all: We all know how important is the visual identification. Vivaldi with it's site-matching UI and customistion options is truely unique. However, I believe that the logo does not match this standards. 1. It's not original nor distinguishable. In miniature it looks almost exactly as Vevo (youtube channel) logo. The letter V from Vimeos logo is also very similiar. I think it's unacceptable. [img size=200][/img] [img size=200][/img] [img size=200][/img] Take a look once again when the logos are much smaller... [img size=160][/img] ...and forget the colours: [img size=160][/img] Can you see it? TBC...

  • …continuation

    One may say that this is about V letter - what else can be invented? Try to google "v logo" for example and see how different approach can be obtained. Here's the very first that caught my eye with it's different approach:

    2. The desktop icon is too small! Check out your taskbar, compare it to other icons - V is smaller than most of them. Chek mine. It doesn't look catchy.

    Btw. compare it to Opera's logo.They refreshed their logo recently and did it really well: it's still the same O but it looks modern, it matches the metro/material UI standards, it's big and characteristic.
    (Another thing is the red colour. I know that Vivaldi creators are the people who brought us Opera as well but maybe it would be a good idea to leave the past behind, especially that apart from the enginge, Vivaldi is so much different and better than Opera).

    Now I know that aesthetics is a very subjective matter and maybe it is so that most of you like the logo. But think about it for a while - it may be due to the fact that you like the browser itself for example. This is a common psychological mechanism - of you like something you are more prone to like other aspects or things connected with that thing you like. And even good things can be impoved.

    And maybe this is a perfect moment for a change, as the final release is still ahead of us?


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