Vivaldi not releasing memory or threads -> thrashing

  • Since around v3 Vivaldi has been, for me, like hopping on a train that's determined to wreck.

    It starts OK - loads up using a few hundred Mb, and low memory pressure (Activity Monitor). Looks promising, in fact.

    But as I open new tabs, memory increases, as does the number of Renderer threads.

    That might be OK, but the thing is, if I close tabs, the memory doesn't get released, nor the number of Renderer threads reduce.

    The upshot is that it's a one-way trip to thrashing the system. After, say, 30-60 minutes Vivaldi is so vast, the system is clogged, memory pressure is extreme, and everything grinds to a halt - even if I have only one active tab.

    A few notes here. I can start with many tabs, but of course only one is active. At that point it shows modest use of memory, and low memory pressure. That suggests it's not the number of inactive tabs themselves.

    I can close all but one active tab, and memory (or Renderer threads) doesn't reduce.

    It's tempting to conclude Vivaldi acts as if I can't release memory or threads properly. Trouble with that, it is it'd be such a basic mistake it's hard to believe any developer would have not noticed. But it's what I see.

    To add to this, Vivaldi's GPU Process behaves erratically. At times it'll spontaneously grab vast amounts of memory for no apparent reason — I've see it ask for >9Gb! Naturally, that locks up the system… That's over-and-above the general memory/thread issue I've just mentioned.

    (A tip here while I remember: rather than use Vivaldi's Task Manager, leave Activity Monitor open, then use command-tab to get to it; the command-tab operation seems to have a high even priority to keep working even if apps are thrashing. From there you can close/force close threads/apps.)

    I'm using:

    3.1.1929.45 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
    Revision 1eb3263017ed42270818939fbff241845938a81f
    OS macOS Version 10.14.6 (Build 18G4032)
    JavaScript V8

    I have done the "usual" things like turning off hardware acceleration, etc.

    The only "remedy" I can find to keep watching Activity Monitor, and if I can catch Vivaldi before it uses around 3Gb, quit it and start over.

    Separately, there's that opening new pages involves Vivaldi having a good ol' battle with ads or whatever it taken up doing since about v3.1. The thing there, is that in the meantime I can't do anything until the battle has stopped. I can't scroll the page or move to another tab. I'd love to see the battle take place in the background……

    There's even more, but I'll leave it at this. I want to like Vivaldi, but t's been awful to use since around v3.

  • @GrantJacobs
    Hi, I am on Linux but you mention GPU process so you may check hardware acceleration first and try to disable it. Some user report issues with integrated and AMD GPU´s.
    At vivaldi://settings/webpages/ you can disable it.

    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin said in Vivaldi not releasing memory or threads -> thrashing:

    but you mention GPU process so you may check hardware acceleration first and try to disable it

    • thanks, but I've already heard of that one -

    "I have done the "usual" things like turning off hardware acceleration, etc."


  • @GrantJacobs Any different after the recent update for macOS 10.14.6? (not the 10.15 OS upgrade but the security update)

  • Hardware acceleration did seem to improve browser speed (weird?) here.

    But, on latest MX KDEb2 - it uses over .400g of RAM compared to Brave (2g) with basically same no. of tabs.
    Vivaldi is also more CPU intensive than Brave here.

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