How to erase Vivaldi android data completely.

  • It stopped syncing when I changed the password a long time ago. The latest locally stored data is from December 2019. I use Vivaldi Android daily but most websites visited register me automatically because I connect through links are embedded in the daily emails. If I connect to sync, the old data will be added to my passwords and bookmarks.

    Already uninstalled the app as a precaution but can't find the old data which I also want to delete. The google backup is already deleted. All data originates from the Desktop.

  • @ineuw
    Hi, I guess you have to reinstall Vivaldi and look in Apps > Memory > manage memory, there is Swipe all data setting. This is a translation from German.
    If a phone is not rooted you cant get deeper in to the system to look what really happen in the Android Linux.

    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin Thanks. No rooting, too much time wasted compared to the gain. I only connect with WiFi. There is no cellphone SIM. It's just an extension of the desktop Vivaldi & email when a cafè is open, and that will be awhile.

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