Few suggestions from Opera 12.15 user

  • Really nice browser but you need to even make it BETTER! After 10 minutes time spend on it: 1. Configurable [b]mouse gestures[/b] - a [b]MUST[/b] (priority). 2. Option to [b]not[/b] SAVE you password by default (without question to do it all the time for every page). [EDIT - [u]chrome://settings/search#c[/u] and turn it off] 3. Trash - add [b]favicons[/b] (to closed pages) - very helpful. 4. Scrolling speed configuration - how fast you want to scroll - useful. 5. Way to import Opera speed dial pages - with more columns/rows (there was a way to make speeddial.ini configurable - keep it this way!). 6. Option to always show X (close mark button) even if tab is not hovered. 7. Minimize, restore, close buttons on top right corner - some users like it to be always small regular squares (same size on all programs) so they can fast minimize for example few programs without clicking a CLOSE button on one of it - cause it so large (of course click show desktop - but it often a few more clicks). 8. Nice [i]sound speaker[/i] crib from chrome - just [i]make it clickable - to fast mute/on sound[/i] on selected tab. 9. lol - there must be option to edit a speed dial pages(tabs-squares)... also it would be nice to just move speed dial pages to folders you have created in it (and move speed dial pages to this very nice speed dial toolbar to designated folders too). Also when you right click on tab - there should be option 'add to speed dial' - with option to add to destined folder. 10. I understand that it's beta but overall browser must working faster without [i]glitch and freeze[/i] (engine optimization). ATM user usability is more important of course. 11. You cannot resize browser - there is [i]minimal width[/i] I don't know why. 12. There is no [b]GO[/b] button in url bar (ctr+shift+V is hard to recognize for new users). 13. No image properties (image info - size , resolution etc.) - [b]BIG ISSUE[/b] (www responsive development). 14. OMG... no [b]dragon fly[/b]... developer tool like in chrome - I know it's probably cause of different engine... but dragon fly is so fucking GOOD and useful... I will wait till it remain more dragonfly - at last how to make it appear on the same page (tab) so I don't need to switch between two windows all the time? 15. [i]Zoom +/- with ctrl+mouse well up/down[/i] shortcut is not working. 16. [i]Coping text from links[/i] - for example google results search page - I can't 'select - grab/mark' text like in Opera 12.15. 17. No [b]sandglass[/b] icon when something is working. ehh it's all I can think of now - more to come l8er. 2,3,4,6,7,8,12 can be as an options, so user can check/unchecked it as he wish. [b]1[/b] and [b]14[/b] is a [i]must have[/i] for me to use this browser in future. <--- As I understand correctly you team is a part of old Opera team who don't like the road Opera took and made a start to make this browser instead? Right? I'm a big fan fan of Opera 12, I like it so much that I know about google (gmail, youtube etc.) practices to make other browser not so good at user experience point as Chrome is - so people choose Chrome instead of Opera, FF etc. I understand that you need to do thing that MOST users want but please remember that you simply can't do it at all cost. If for example youtube video is not playing so good as it is on Crome - FUCK IT, I wont change opera/vivaldi cause of this (but you can of course make video render ass good as possible). You are aiming to make [i]niche[/i] browser used mostly by geeks and computer experts - youtube movies are not top priority for them. Standards (good implemendance of wc3, html5 etc.) and clearly thinking ahead with option to CONFIGURE EVERYTHING like they want is what they want. But I think you already know that. BTW - Just tell me if some of those options I described above are already build in - I could simply miss them. Take care, Damian.

  • @damian.nora:

    2. Option to not SAVE you password by default (without question to do it all the time for every page). [EDIT - vivaldi://settings/search#c and turn it off].

    Not quite : you turn it off at


    or even "chrome://settings/search#pass"
    Vivaldi changes this to "vivaldi://settings/search#c" in the address bar, though.

  • You are right, thanks.

  • We could all come up with lists like this, probably each quite a lot different from each other–it had that much in it, a lot we may not really appreciate until using something else.

    There's one thing (though this feature had to be tweaked in order to be at its best) that Opera had that's never been duplicated and probably never will: the fast back-forward cache. When Opera fell woefully behind in speed in its later years, in terms of performance, this is one of a couple things that helped make up for the rendering sluggishness.


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