Vivaldi Beta using too much CPU and Memory

  • Hi all, I'm not sure anyone have this issue a not. My Vivaldi Beta uses around 70% of my CPU (according to Task Manager) which causes my PC too lag. Even if i were to open like 30-40 tabs in Firefox the CPU or Memory Usage won't even be so high. My PC specs is very high hence i believe it is not a specs issue, just a rundown: [ul] [li]CPU - i7-6700HQ (6th Skylake Quad-core)[/li] [li]Memory - 8 GB[/li] [li]Storage - Using SSD[/li] [/ul] Screenshot included - I'm opening a few browser as see because chrome for web devlopment, firefox also, vivaldi wanted to non web development but .... Does anyone know how i can feedback to the team regarding this issue? Attachments: [img][/img]

  • This is an issue discussed a lot on this forum. If you are interested, you could take a look for example at this thread.

  • The memory and CPU requirements are actually pretty good, much better than they were just a short time ago. What do you have in the open Tabs to slam a Skylake that hard?

    Here's my olde single core right now on Windows 7 x64 after I launched Vivaldi, then opened 20 Tabs with all the current unread Forum messages here at

    The CPU usage goes up as the Tabs load. Active content can hammer the system pretty hard but for the most part Vivaldi is coming along nicely. Like a little puppy it eats a lot for its size and it still drools and dribbles and occasionally knocks things over. Unfortunately, shaming it and putting it on a newspaper or tossing it outside won't work. 😃

  • I have a relatively old machine, 4GB memory, I have to say I'm not experiencing any major problems, and I regularly work with a couple of dozen tabs open. Unless, for example, a lot of tabs have flash, but that's the same as I would get in Firefox or Opera. TP4 was a different story but Beta has been a huge improvement. Not to say that it couldn't be better. So perhaps you have some other issue?

  • Session with 50 tabs
    Vivaldi app closed and then 2 test cases

    • fresh start / 2h usage / minimalization & restoring
    • fresh start / minimalization & restoring window

    What happens after minimalization & restoring Vivaldi window… (red line marker = restoring window)

    eeee…. 2 GB increase in 30 seconds?!?! :blink: :blink: :blink:


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