My favorite free mobile app.

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    Hi, I am using my phone a lot more than I did five years ago. There are now apps that can do e-mail and messaging just as well as any desktop application (except for the resident input issues on smaller screens). I have apps on my phone now I use every day and many of them are free and even open source. The one I would like to mention today is called AntennaPod and is a free open source podcatcher. You use it to subscribe to podcast feeds, download them, organize episodes and finally to play them back. AntennaPod can download new episodes on a schedule, delete old episodes based on your settings and a lot of other useful tasks when it comes to podcast management. This app is not the most advanced out there, but it's lean and mean and does everything I need it to do and nothing I don't. It is in active development where input from users is taken into consideration and part of the development of the app. You can find it here: and on Google Play of ocurse What is your favorite free mobile app of the kind you use a lot and has become one of those apps you always put on your new phone as soon as you fire it up for the first time?

  • Android Music. I've ripped my CDs to Ogg files and save them to a MicroSD card. Don't really have any playlists, so I just go to the menu and hit Shuffle All. For some reason, other music players don't seem to have that feature - including the later one from the same author.

  • @christian: and on Google Play of ocurse

    I use it a lot too, I even helped with Russian translation.

    A few other apps I can recommend:
    Pushbullet — allows sending notes, urls, and lists from PC to mobile and vice versa to yourself or any other user. It also allows viewing your phone notifications on the PC.
    Kingsoft office — free office suite. One of the best office suites for Android.
    OsmAnd — maps and navigation. It's open source and uses open source data from Maps for any region can be downloaded for offline use.

  • @sgunhouse:

    go to the menu and hit Shuffle All. For some reason, other music players don't seem to have that feature.

    I use stock SGS3 player and it can shuffle all/album/artist etc. It also supports ogg. I thought every player had that feature.


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