Windows Updates now has TWO paths for users

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    Nobody told me so I suspect others may not be aware of this.
    Windows Updates, I usually go to Start > Settings > Check for Updates.
    Well now there is a new way for Windows users to forget about some updates as they now come from the Windows Store.
    Open Windows Store > ... > Downloads and Updates


    So beware, your Tuesday updates may not be complete.
    I have not yet found out what comes from the Windows Store, Codecs for one...
    So make it a practice to get both updates.

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    @greybeard , it is similar to what is on Android, there is the OS update security, drivers, etc.) and another that refers to updates to the installed apps from Google Play (f.Ex. Vivaldi)
    In Search for updates it search for both, except the apps and parts of the OS that you have excluded in the configuration.
    In Windows it is similar, with the difference that also search for updates of soft installed outside the Store, if they are part of the system, f.Ex. Vivaldi.

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    @Catweazle Still it would seem confusing confusing to a non-technical user to have to use two different update channels.
    I can understand the reasoning but still, it would another path for a nefarious hacker to exploit (non updated apps and associated dependencies from the windows store).
    In Android at least App updates are seamless. OS and security updates also (for my Kindle Fire).

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