Mixed fixes – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 1971.3

  • Vivaldi Team

    This snapshot includes variety of fixes and improvements.

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  • First! 😃

  • VAB-1752 finally fixed. Thanks!

  • I confirm notes are working (and sync) now (finally 👌😎)

  • @jumpsq said in Mixed fixes – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 1971.3:

    VAB-1752 finally fixed. Thanks!

    Indeed. Nice to have a fix for the feature for which I wrote a "How To" thread.

    Personally, I have several methods I employ for moving links/tabs/pages between devices, so I can typically workaround issues like these with ease. That's less than ideal however; beyond each method being preferred or most efficient depending on how I'm working in the moment or what is being shared, I also like to use the various methods as ways to organize my data as well.

    As an example, sharing a page through email will put the page title in the subject & a link in the body. I like to use this for tab groups, where the subject is populated by the group name, and send the email to a forward-only address I've created specifically for this purpose. Those emails are easily filtered by the "To:" field, and I build an easy to browse & easy to search collection of tab groups.

    Clicking the link in the email is not significantly different from clicking the notification of a received tab, so it works for sending just 1 page. This ends up cluttering my folder of tab groups with one-offs that I probably don't intend to keep in the longterm. It's gets the tab onto my other device, but the power that comes from the myriad ways Vivaldi enables managing pages across browser instances is reduced.

    I'm happy to have this fix in the release, and equally happy to see you're making use of the feature.


  • @atranel said in Mixed fixes – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 1971.3:

    This snapshot seems to work nice.

    Yep - I'm sure it's disheartening for the developers to see such quiet threads on the Android releases, but to be honest I think it's because they mostly just work fine!

    The only recent niggle - not being able to open tabs from PC on Android and vice versa - seems to have been fixed, so .. uh.. yeah.

  • VAB-1754 fixed. YEAH!!!!

  • Text wrap function would be nice, just like Opera and UC Browser !

  • The profile/menu button disappears when activating the address bar. Anyone else experiencing this?
    [EDIT] Reported as VAB-1915.

    Also, I am getting crashes when moving tabs and grouping them in the tab switcher.

  • I'd like to see auto text wrapping at the screen edges when using zoom. Also, although checked in settings, desktop view is not applied by default in some sites.

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