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  • Hello,
    You send me an email for promise to closing my account in days because I came not to my account for one year. And this despite the fact my email adress is permanentely on my smartphone. And also I come regularly to my email on the website.
    Then, I came here with the link and have difficulties to sign in. Bad thing.
    Well.... If you agree somebody can have divergence, the moment of truth is today : You browser Vivaldi is not a good browser.
    Since years, I download so many ones for writing articles on this topic, and facts are here : In years I downloaded 4 or 5 times your new version to see what is around there. And each time disappointment.
    Well, it is a good browser for playing browser, playing to personalize browser, seeing it, but if you would be like me searching and searching and reading, so, you could understand using Cent Browser or eventually Chromium, is better than this Vivaldi (Moreover changes each 6 months - but why ?).
    So, now you can understand why I do not come to my account, to not writing unpleasant things.
    Otherwise, you email is very good.
    Now close or close not my account, just inform me about that.

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    @florentb , I think Vivaldi is more than just a nice UI to play, due to its ideal functions for work and study (Tab Stacking, hibernate, mosaic view, sessions, notes, etc).
    Well, everyone has their preferences. You say that you use Vivaldi's mail and that you like it, maybe this is the reason why your account has not been closed, since with this you also lose access to Vivaldi's mail, attached to this account.

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    @florentb Please read: Termination ... Inactive account policy for information about inactive accounts.

    Inactive account policy

    Vivaldi. net’s inactive account policy

    We encourage people to actively log in and use Vivaldi. net when they register an account. To keep your account active, be sure to log in at least every 6 months. Accounts and their contents may be permanently removed due to prolonged inactivity.

    How does Vivaldi .net determine inactivity?

    Inactivity is based on a combination of participating in community activities (in forum. vivaldi. net or in vivaldi. net blogs), logging in, syncing browser data or using vivaldi. net email service. Therefore, unconfirmed or mass-produced accounts without virtual practice in any of these community activities are also subject to permanent removal at any time. Please note that you may not be able to tell whether an account is currently inactive, as not all signs of account activity are publicly visible.

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    @florentb You just have to go on line and log in every six months. (forum, blog, webmail)

    Not too much to ask.

  • @Ayespy According to his post, he does log in to his email (but ONLY his email); perhaps that alone is not enough?

    And this despite the fact my email adress is permanentely on my smartphone. And also I come regularly to my email on the website.

    It would be best for him to clarify things by contacting Vivaldi directly,

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    @TbGbe I'm not sure fetching email (possibly through a client) is the same as logging in and visiting webmail.

  • @Ayespy
    Currently I have to log in twice, one for the blog that somehow works for the forums also (but after I reload the forum page) and one for the Web mail. Of course I don't know how thing work in the background but there is a chance the thing that counts days since last access doesn't include ALL the different logins across Vivaldi, or in other words, logins aren't "centralized".

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    @JohnConnorBear So you have 3rd party cookies disabled, yeah? I log in once for both domains - because I accept 3rd party cookies.

  • @Ayespy
    This could be of some general interest.
    I do use Tor Browser to log in Vivaldi, that because I don't want somebody to come after me via the IP address. Tor Browser in the "base" settings.
    I log in the blog platform, then I come to the forum and the software don't find the said "cookie" unless I reload the page via "login" button. I don't know why whatever check is performed once you press "login" isn't done the first time you load the page but not big deal, I press "login" the forum reloads and I am online.
    When I log in the Web mail, I need to re-do the login, despite I am still on the "active session" with the blog and the forum open on other tabs. Not a big deal, again.
    Anyway, my hint is we are speaking of three different software, server-side and probably there is something above those software that handles "user accounts" across Vivaldi. You can see there are some glitches when you look at "user profile", because there are actually at least three of those profiles. Maybe the timer thing has some issues in detecting all the possible logins.

    Another interesting thing is while I am on the forum I am shown an alert from time to time about the connection with the forum being lost. I cannot do anything until some operation in background is performed or I force something by changing the "Tor circuit". Everything is fine, I expect those glitches, don't complain.

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    @JohnConnorBear I guess I mis-read your post. Webmail does have its own log-in. It's only forum and blog that you can log into with a single log-in. But if you deny 3rd-party cookies, you have to log in to forum and blog separately.

  • @Ayespy
    I am telling you.
    I DO NOT log-in twice for blog and forum, I need it for blog/forum and Web mail.

    1. I log in the blog at first.
    2. While I am still on the blog, I also come to the forum and the software says "you aren't logged-in", then I click on "login", the page reloads, it finds out I am already logged-in in the blogging platform and then I am logged in the forum also. So far I have pressed TWO "login" buttons but I have submitted user data only ONCE.
    3. I open the Web mail. It requires a separate log-in.

    I am not complaining, It works good enough for my needs. I am just describing the procedure in case it is of some interest.

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