Too many bookmarks?

  • An issue has cropped up: I can't add any new bookmarks. Or I can, sometimes, but it's difficult. I'm on 1.0.303.48 now, on Windows 10; I believe that this started happening with the previous build; I'm sorry, but I dismissed the first couple of incidents as self-induced mistakes and didn't keep track of them. But it is happening more often now. I'll try to explain. Several times, when I have added a bookmark to a subfolder - not the "Bookmarks" folder, but one of several subfolders I have created - it doesn't show up there. If I go back to the page and try to bookmark it again, the bookmark emblem on the right end of the address bar is lit up, and if I click on it, I'll be prompted to save it in the same folder I tried to save it in before, but the bookmark is still not there. I [i]can[/i] save anything to the bookmarks folder, and it appears in the bookmarks bar. But if I try to drag it from there into the folder I want it to be in, sometimes it moves, and sometimes it disappears. There isn't a pattern to it that I can find, except that if I try to move a bookmark into a folder that already has a lot of bookmarks in it, it's more likely to disappear. Is there a limit to the number of bookmarks Vivaldi can have? I probably have close to a thousand. (Yeah, I know that's insane, but I'm a researcher/editor by trade, and I need to keep all kinds of reference materials at hand.) I know that Chrome limits the number of bookmarks we can have, and I'm wondering if some Chromium artifact has crept into Vivaldi. Other than that, I'm enjoying the hell out of this beta. Thanks!

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