Unusual Popup Appearing Several Times

  • I sometimes get a popup asking to allow or disallow notifications from a website. Lately I've been getting them more frequently, sometimes 3 times on the same browsing session /site. The strange thing is the word "notification" isn't always shown. A few moments ago I set Vivaldi to block notifications it was previously set to "ask". Hope everything is ok now.

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    @techguy88 That is not a web page Notification you can block in Vivaldi Settings > Webpages > Default Permissions.

    It is a permission popup where your banking site asks to access something (we do not know what).

  • When these messages appeared there was no indication of asking me to input anything. The popup would appear on different sites that i have used consistently before without having this popup appearing. I don't think its anything nasty because I am very careful on how I use the computer. Incidentally blocking all "Default Permissions" except sound has stopped (perhaps by coincidence) the popup appearing.

  • @Gwen-Dragon How can you not know what they're requesting permission for? The browser is creating the dialog.

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    @mpen The browser displays the dialog, but does not create it. It's being generated by the site, by an extension, or by malware.

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    I get this with fb but the pop-up tells me that it wants to send Notifications...
    Other sites (Home Depot, Lowes) give me the blank pop-up. I surmise they are asking for Location Data but since it doesn't show I Deny and select my store manually.

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    @greybeard said in Unusual Popup Appearing Several Times:

    Other sites (Home Depot, Lowes) give me the blank pop-up. I surmise they are asking for Location Data but since it doesn't show I Deny and select my store manually.

    Nope, Location works as it should (and has a different icon):

    @techguy88 @mpen Based on the icon (puzzle piece) I would guess that these blank popups are asking for access to some kind of browser plugin. Chromium uses a similar icon for the Flash permission (plugin), "Unsandboxed plugin access" permission (whatever that is) and for the Extensions Page (vivaldi://extensions).

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    @Komposten Not for me...


  • I'm getting the same thing on a multitude of sites, including just now on vivaldi.com:


    The two permissions mentioned in the site info popup are motion sensors and flash -- even though I assume neither are being used or requested by vivaldi.com


    These two are actually mentioned on all sites I visit, even ones that don't have a proper index.html.

    It appears that the motion sensors are the ones causing the trouble here. I can't right now reproduce the popup on vivaldi.com (it doesn't show up anymore), but I can on the following site.



    When I (manually) deny access it looks like this:


    When I change it back to Ask and reload, the popup reappears.

    I would be surprised if this this website actually requests access to motion sensors. Could anyone confirm?

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    I didn't even know "Motion Sensors" was a thing websites could have permission for. Interestingly enough, I can only choose Allow or Block as default for it, not ask. And it does not show up in the site info popup. 🤔

  • https://vivaldi.com/blog/snapshots/desktop/whole-page-blocking-support-vivaldi-browser-snapshot-2001-3/

    [Permissions] “Motion or Light Sensors” permission dialog is empty (VB-68900)

    [Permissions] Dialog is empty on some pages (VB-69271)

    try the new snapshot if it fixes this issue for you

  • just block all notifications..i have never seen such pop ups ever.
    Block geolocation as well.

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