Where is the search engine .db stored?

  • Hello: I am wondering if someone can kindly tell me where user-added search engines are stored? I have a raft of them and am hoping I can try to import a table through an SQL browser rather than enter them all by hand (ugh!) Oh, it's not the usual place, "web data", BTW. Danke, C

  • Same question. In Firefox search engines are files in \Firefox\Data\profile\searchplugins so I can copy them all to a different computer or profile. I'd like to just copy them all to Vivaldi.

  • @Gigzama
    Well, I did find my collection in
    /home/dleon/.config/vivaldi-snapshot/Default/Local App Settings/mpognobbkildjkofajifpdfhcoklimli/000064.log (Hex)

    Currently no idea how to scrap info from that.

  • @TimOpra
    Today Firefox packed Search Engine settings in homemade custom LZ4 format.
    Before they doing that, it's JSON format change at least two times.

    My rusty brain must be wrong, but Chromium based browsers got trouble to drag search engine info since then. At least, I never succeed using Chromium import search engine.

    To decompress that LZ4; How do you decompress search.json.mozlz4?

  • @dLeon
    Wasn't thinking about format. I have an old profile where search plugins are still separate .XML files. I see that in new FF it's single file search.json.mozlz4.

    (I still use FF 38 ESR because FF 34-> defaults search engine and last used is not remembered, and FF 45 ESR-> doesn't allow this previous search bar style)

  • @TimOpra
    Found Firefox old in ftp.mozilla.org. Tested it.

    Unfortunately Vivaldi own "Import Bookmarks and Settings" doesn't work well even we use old Firefox format. The data go to Chromium own database. You could check chrome://settings to see what I'm talking about.

    Vivaldi data probably go to my mentioned file.


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