Tab navigation moved to the bottom – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 1964.3

  • @mib2berlin Thanks!

  • So after all neither the tablet UI works well. While swiping on the tab bar in portrait mode, the bottom bar specific to the phone layout appears.

    Sometimes the Chrome tab bar (I assume it is) appears too, though I cannot consistently reproduce this.

    EDIT: Reported as VAB-1871.

    EDIT2: Yes. Even if I cannot always trigger the Chrome tab bar to appear while swiping, when it does appear, it also seems to appear in the most random of places. It could appear anywhere between an arbitrary position in the middle of the screen to the bottom, just above the bottom bar.

    Right now my theory is that when the Chrome tab bar doesn't appear, it actually does, but it's either under the tab strip or under the bottom bar.

  • I'm experiencing again issues with notes too.
    Sometimes I highlight text and then click "copy to note": Vivaldi forcibly closes.
    Moreover they are not appearing in the notes list even if the pop "added to note" appears... Definitely something wrong here...

  • Thanks for the update 😃

    The browser comes to a standstill if I use a long blocklist like
    After I disable or delete the list
    The browser again becomes usable
    Hope to get a fix

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