Tab Issues

  • This may belong in the "all platforms" section. I don't know. If it does, I request that the sysop move it accordingly. I am having issues with tabs. One is an issue of behaviour, one is a missing feature. First, the behaviour issue: When I close a tab, I prefer that active tab moves to the the next tab to the right of the tab which I closed. When I changed my tab options from "Cycle in Recently Used Order" to "Cycle in Tab Order" I expected the behaviour when closing a tab to change as part of that setting. It does not. I think this might be a bug, but I'm not sure. Either way, I believe that when the tab cycling options are changed, the behaviour when closing a tab should correspond to that change. Second, the missing feature: I would like to have the option of directing where tabs open: at the end of the current batch of tabs (as it is at present) or next to the current tab. For example, TabMix for Firefox offers several different options for new tab opening based on context or direct choice. I would like to see those sorts of option available in V.


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