What happened to Startpage?

  • There's no Startpage available as default search engine anymore, why?

  • You can always add it yourself. Tools > Settings > Search and Add New Search Engine. Then make it default. I can't remember if I installed it myself or if it was one of the pre-installed search engines but it's working here.

  • I had the same thing happen a version or two prior to Beta. I simply manually created a new search engine using the command data for the StartPage engine in an earlier stand-alone Vivaldi version still on my computer and set that to default. Trying to visit the StartPage site and have them auto-install it wouldn't work for me, so I did it manually as noted.

    See this thread: https://vivaldi.net/forum/vivaldi-browser/6789-add-a-new-search-engine

  • Yeah I know I can add it manually but I wonder why it was removed from the inbuilt selection of search engines.

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