Opening a New Window & Multiple Desktops

  • I believe I have found a bug with opening a new window in Vivaldi via a keyboard shortcut using macOS and Spaces (multiple desktops).

    I have System Preferences > Mission Control set up such that the option "When switching to an application, switch to a Space with open windows for the application" is unchecked.

    To reproduce the issue, open Vivaldi in a Space (Desktop 1), then create a new Space (Desktop 2), switch to Desktop 2, make Vivaldi the active application via Command + Tab, and then use Command + N to create a new window. Nothing happens.

    If instead I use the mouse to select File > New Window in the Vivaldi menu, or right-click Vivaldi in the Dock, and select New Window, I will be pulled back into Desktop 1, and a new Vivaldi window will be created. (Ideally, a new window would be created in Desktop 2, but that's a separate issue from nothing happening when using Command + N to create a new window.)

    I believe an issue similar to this has been previously discussed, but this is a slightly different variation on the theme.

  • There's most certainly a link between the bug you are describing here and the one in the other thread, but it should probably to warrant a bug report anyways, if you haven't made one already of course.

  • Just submitted bug report VB-69982.

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