Sites don't work, blocking, and now lockups

  • I don't know what was done to Vivaldi but the browser just keeps causing issues like I haven't seen since the blue screens of the 90s. Even with blocking turned off many sites won't load USA news... or just now it froze up in the middle of a online purchase. Worse it has locked up so hard that I have had to restart my PC. . and I have never had that happen with a browser. The whole security setup reminds me of Windows Vista..the OS that was so secure you couldn't use it. I am setting Chrome up as my default browser just so I can get things done.

    I thought Vivaldi was an enthusiast browser. Knowledgeable end users that don't need to be protected from every little thing, but it looks like Vivaldi plans to go mainstream and, compete with the likes of Chrome and the like. Good luck with that.

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    @620113 The USA Today thing is a known (and internally fixed) bug. The rest is not usual or expected Vivaldi behavior.

    Could you tell us any more about your Vivaldi setup, any extensions, etc., your system and things such as this? What kind of site did the purchase fail on? (has never happened here) Unfortunately your report is too general for anyone to offer any help, or address any bugs.

  • Hi,
    I'm also having an issue where at least for me is so far only one site. It's this one : It's a part of the the same company as the other site that was reported (USA Today). Right now I'm currently running the latest snapshot version of the windows browser, thanks to a fellow member of the reddit site, he provided me with a workaround so I could view the site. He told me to go to the desired site and then open a new tab, right click on that tab and choose the restore background tabs option. After I do that and then go back to the the tab that I'm wanting to view it's already open so I can view it normally. This is very strange behavior because it never used to happen.

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