Sort the bookmarks

  • When I sort the bookmarks , I hope the folders can be the top of the list . 希望书签排序时,文件夹能够排在最上面。

  • Yes please !

    It would be nice to be able to sort the bookmarks and the folders by showing the folders first, then the links.
    When I imported my bookmarks from my old Opera to Vivaldi, all my folders and subfolders were mixed with the links since the alphabetical sort doesn't make a difference between a folder and link.
    I tried to reorder them manually but the bookmark manager is still not polished enough to make this easy…
    Especially compared to Opera 12.xx :

    • When you double click on the small triangle to open a folder in the bookmark manager, it should open then close the folder quickly. Right now vivaldi just miss to register some clicks and often just open the folder without closing it. I guess that's "just" optimizations, and not a priority.
    • I'm used to be able to drag a link or a folder and using the mouse wheel at the same time, right now it works sometimes... If it can work every time, it'll be even better!
    • Mouse gesture in bookmark manager! I loved the way Opera 12 handled it, mostly to be able to close the folders by doing the "back gesture".

    Except these, Vivaldi is amazing, thank you for improving the browsing experience every day.


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