Tab cycler question

  • Guys, you are doing a great jobs and Vivaldi get better and better and i have a question. Do you have in plans such option for visual tab cycler as rendering it as a simple list (just like in old opera)? And i also have some performance issues when make youtube or other (especially youtube) videos fullscreen. Browser lags for 1-2 seconds, than video goes fullscreen. Am i only one who has this problem?

  • I'll second this, I'd prefer to see it as a simple list like old Opera. At the moment the tab cycler is somewhat unclear to use, so whether it's a list or any other ideas that could be done to improve it, would be much appreciated.

    I think it's because it's showing only five tabs at a time, and the middle one highlighted, maybe I'll get used to it but it's not very intuitive to process quickly what that is showing.

  • I would like the return of the old O12 tab cycler, please. Or make it an option. 🙂


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