"Segmentation fault" while starting Vivaldi - resulting in loss of last session/tabs

  • I always want to start Vivaldi with my last session (containing 3 windows with about 10 to 50 tabs per window). Now i have the problem that Vivaldi crashes while starting with "[b]Segmentation fault[/b]". On the next try it starts with a blank session. 😠 Restoring "[ [b]Current[/b]|[b]Last[/b] ] [ [b]Session[/b]|[b]Tabs[/b] ]" doesn't help since it results in "segmentation fault" again. Thus there is no way to start with my last session. 😞 In Opera 12.x I was able to manage a lot of sessions. - I really miss this feature! Hopefully it comes to Vivaldi soon. Also, I could edit the session files of Opera with a simple text editor. Unfortunately Vivaldi is using no longer text files. Why? As far as I can see, the reason for the crash are several pages in my session with self signed SSL certificates: [code] [16018:16154:1104/214755:ERROR:cert_verify_proc_nss.cc(922)] CERT_PKIXVerifyCert for failed err=-8179 [/code] Another error message: [code]Fontconfig error: Cannot load default config file[/code] Back to the [b]CERT_PKIXVerifyCert[/b] error: Making all of the servers with the certificates in question unavailable was a temporary workaround but is not a solution. I don't want to lose my session / tabs on every restart of the browser! Thanks in advance. --- Vivaldi version: 1.0.303.52 (Beta) beta (64-bit)

  • same with me:

    starenka /tmp % vivaldi  
    [1821:1847:1119/151318:ERROR:cert_verify_proc_nss.cc(922)] CERT_PKIXVerifyCert for berrynet failed err=-8181
    Fontconfig error: Cannot load default config file
    zsh: segmentation fault  vivaldi

    but i can't start vivaldi in no manner now…


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