Sound glitches on soundcloud, bandcamp, hypem and etc.

  • Hey guy, first thanks a lot for your work. Really love everything from the start. There is one little thing which is (at least in my opinion) really annoying: Everytime I hit play on some sites (also scrolling), the sound starts fo 1 sec and then breaks for half a seconde before continuing... So far I noticed it on, or Pages like beatport, mixcloud, youtube, etc did not make problems so far. I have Mavericks installed on my late 2012 MB Pro with SSD. 16GB ram and 2,3Ghz Intel Core i7. Thanks in advance, hope I could help you.

  • Moderator

    Do you have Flash on Vivaldi? And do you know if it's being used on those sites? It's important to know if the sound is being handled by Flash or HTML5.

  • It is all HTML5… Flash worked fine on my System...

    Ah my Version: "1.0.303.52 (Beta) (64-Bit)"


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