Question about the Vivaldi Spell Check

  • When I compose an email in Vivaldi Mail and click SEND Vivaldi interrupts the SEND and red highlights various things in the header that are correct and normal parts of the message. This happens every time I click to SEND an email. I am a excellent speller and have never been flagged by Vivaldi for a misspelling. When I click to SEND the second time Vivaldi sends the message. Does anyone else experience this defect? Shall I copy the event and paste it in a Report A Bug?

  • @Echosyn What have you activated (in WebMail) under "Settings/Preferences/Composing Messages/Spellcheck"? Maybe you wish to disable everything?

  • @TbGbe Thank you. I have not activated anything in WebMail. That is not the problem. The problem is in Vivaldi flagging irrationally and that needs to be corrected by the programmers.

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    @Echosyn I can confirm this.
    With To and Subject field Vivaldi internal spell check jumps in.
    That is useless and not state of the art 😞

    This bug was reported by me
    CW-1392 "[Webmail] Compose: Spell check should be disabled in header fields"

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    spell check can be switched off by web designers in HTML elements and this should work in Webmail, too.

  • @Gwen-Dragon I graciously waited 3 months for this problem to be corrected and it has not been corrected. The linked page that you offer means nothing to me, a non-programmer, and it is not printer friendly. My computer is iMac with OS 10.12.6. I use your browser Vivaldi almost exclusively. Can anyone on your end stop Vivaldi Mail from blocking SEND and redlining correctly spelled words? This gross malfunction is a black mark against Vivaldi.

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    @Echosyn Please contact the support.

    Open Vivaldi Support page, scroll down until you see "I need help with ...", select type, fill the form and send us message.
    Thanks for your feedback. The Support team will look into your request as soon as possible. Please note that their working hours are Monday to Friday, 08:00 CET - 18:00 CET.

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