Vivaldi bookmarks = NOOB, lots of retarded things in linux version 1.0.303.52 (Beta) beta (64-bit).

  • OK im still using opera 12.16 Linux. its by far the best browser i have ever used, sadly i need to update it. i like Vivaldi, but it has lots of stupid, retarded, and hardcore noobish problems. my suggestion should be applied to all platforms windows, mac, Linux. i don't think the original opera team is involved now. i don't use opera beyond version 12.16. many of my request, sadly, are based on a browser i am hardcore addicted. i love that Vivaldi gives me options and customizations than any other browsers. i feel the side pane needs lots of work, primarily in the bookmark sections. if you really say you give the user options? where are the options for the side pane, bookmarks specific. [b]1.[/b] i don't want my bookmarks (side panel) to expand when i middle click a folder, thats retarded. i want to load lots of bookmarks but i have to scroll down since the fudging folders expand. give me an option at least to disable this retarded noob feature. [b]2. [/b]the bookmarks change its default view in side pane every time to manual sorting, i want only title. give me an option to select default sorting. [b]3. [/b]single bookmarks (not in folders) are not separated from folders(i want them in the bottom like opera 12.16). they are in the middle (or where ever by name) of my bookmark manager. if they are organized by title. i don't use or will ever use manual sorting in bookmarks. look at screenshot 3. this problem is global, i cant organize hundreds of bookmarks to reorder them. [b]4. [/b] allow me to open a bookmark folder with single click than double click. or give me an option in settings. [b]5. [/b] using the mouse wheel in stacked tabs does not cycle the stack tab. skips to the next tab. make an option in settings for how i cycle tabs. [b]6. [/b] since i cant use the mouse wheel to switch a stacked tab, the selector is too small, make it bigger. or give me an option for another way to stack em. look at screenshot 6. the tab stacking in opera is far superior than Vivaldi. expanding a stack tab is way better than what ever you call Vivaldi is doing. [b]7. [/b]i cant pin stacked tabs WTF. [b]8. [/b]side pane for bookmarks don't have a trash can. is there a trash can at all? noobish. [b]9. [/b]side pane for bookmarks don't have separators. like opera 12.16 [b]10. [/b]i don't like how you edit bookmarks in the side pane. i want to use the F2 key to rename the bookmark. alt+enter to edit it. not some heavy bloat POS edit menus inside the pane another noobish POS. at least provide and exit button to leave editing a bookmark in the pane. give me more options. [b]11. [/b]cannot clean or remove old website visited. look at screenshot 11. are you telling me you want me to clear the entire history to fix this? [b]12. [/b]bookmark folders in side pane are freaking huge. give me an option the select the size, another noobish thing. i want my entire list to be displayed and not have to scroll down. look at screenshot 12. opera vs Vivaldi. look at the difference. both are cropped 100% identical. Vivaldi has larger navigation bars, larger menus. every thing is large. the spacing in the folders is excessive. [b]13. [/b]bookmarks count in the side pane are freaking annoying. feels really bloated. let me remove that with an option. or where is the option? [b]14. [/b]side pane should move the address bar buttons to the side to make the side pane larger for more space. look at screenshot 14. try to save space in the browser. in opera 12.16 vs Vivaldi you can see Vivaldi is really bloated. i want the marked green area to look like the black area in opera 12.16. or give me an option at least. [b]15. [/b]bookmark directory tree arrow is slightly large in side pane, look at screenshot 15. green area Vivaldi, black area opera. give me an option to select the size or remove it completely. or make them small, another retarded thing that takes up space, also having them dark makes the bookmark manager feel bloated, the opera 12.16 are semi transparent, just an outline on the arrow. [b]16. [/b]bookmark search and edit tools take up too much space in side pane. look at screenshot 16. [b]17. [/b]GIVE ME OPTIONS FOR BOOKMARKS IN SIDE PANE, in settings please. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ im still gonna have to stick with opera 12.16 for now, but vivaldi is my secondary 🙂 im not bashing anyone, and no one is retarded or noob, my opinions, can you please just fix these problems please. Attachments: [img][/img],[img][/img],[img][/img],[img][/img],[img][/img],[img][/img],[img][/img]

  • I was honestly too lazy to read your entire post, but I looked at your screenshots and read the relevant complaints to those screenshots. For #12 you could try to simply reduce the size of Vivaldi's UI in the settings and see how that works for you. Vivaldi settings (alt + p) > Appearance > User Interface Scale.


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