The Mods you want Vivaldi to directly integrate in it?

  • For me -

    1. AddressBar mask by Lonm.
    2. Autosave session Mod.
    3. Search Engine and theme backup(Great if it gets the sync).
    4. Autocomplete domain first by justdanpo.

    Post the mods that you use on regular basic, or you can say your Vivaldi experience is much better due to them.

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    /*Transparent Speed Dial Thumbnails*/
    .startpage .dial .thumbnail-image {
      background: transparent;
    .thumbnail-image {box-shadow: none !important;}
    /*Transparent Speed Dial Folders*/
    .speeddial .dial-columns .thumbnail-image {
        box-shadow: none !important;
        border-width: 0;
        transition: all 0s ease 0s;
    .speeddial .dial-columns .thumbnail-image {
        background: none !important;
    .speeddial .dial-columns .folder .thumbnail-image .folder-flap {
        display: none;

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    This mod does not quite work as I would wish, so that should be built-in to work properly.
    See Remove the Expand/Collapse Folder Triangles

    /*Hide Triangle Bookmark Icon*/
    .panel.panel-bookmarks .vivaldi-tree .tree-row.folder .expand-icon {
        width: 100%;
        height: 100%;
        position: absolute;
        margin: 0 !important;
    .panel.panel-bookmarks .vivaldi-tree .tree-row.folder .expand-icon > svg {
        display: none;

  • You’re kidding? All! (ofc they have to be either fixes &c or optional)

    What I use (not necessarily what I need / want natively):

    • css
      • adaptive_vivaldi_icon.css (err… what’s this? I haven’t seen the menu icon for quite some time)
      • some icon changes (add bookmark button, extension toggle, tabs trash, panels, nav toolbar)
      • automatically shrink tabs on the side (actually they’re hidden anyway)
      • bottom find in page
      • different SD thumbnails sizing
      • vivaldi://themecolors readability fix
      • as I’ve already noted, hide the header when there’s only the menu button
      • hide sync button when inactive
      • hide new tab button (again just coz I’m too lazy to disable it)
      • hide SD folder indicator
      • some monospace font mods (address/search field, QC, notes)
      • extension toggle on the left of the buttons
      • no zoom when hovering SD tiles
      • panel scrolling (though I have no use for it)
      • pin icon before pinned tabs’ titles (anyway the tabs’re hidden & I don’t use pinned tabs)
      • hide siteinfo text unless hovered
      • some SD tiles resizing & repositioning
      • hide bookmarks/history/notes labels on SD
      • highlight color for tab load progress
      • vertical scrolling for bottom tabs (of no use)
      • themed siteinfo (I think no more needed)
      • themed download progress (I don’t remember seeing this recently, may be broken)
      • thinner extension toggle button
      • no white bg ’hind favicons
      • transparent SD navigation
      • transparent SD thumbs
      • bold text for unread tabs
      • some other mods not worth mentioning or which I don’t know what they do…
    • js
      • import/export for themes & search
      • icons on SD
      • history panel clock
      • themed icons for web panels
    • mixed
      • transparency mod (thanks to position sync it makes also the window appear transparent)
      • nav toolbar toggle
    • hooks (mostly testing, all are in my PRs)
      • encode QC search (actually fix for an annoying bug)
      • SD spacing
      • treeview spacing
      • window panel actions on tab switch

  • Plus several of my own and community css fixes taken by mod threads.

    And a few of hybrid born to experiment with modding which actually became "true" mods as dark chrome and vscroll.

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    MadNess - Cairo.png

    😎 🤪

  • @Zalex108 I don’t know that mod. Which one is it? 😛

  • I agree that search engine and theme backup would be nice.
    It should be possible to change more colours in the interface with a theme. I had to use a stylesheet to change the colour of the text in the identity box for enhanced verification to make it readable with a dark theme.
    The ability to toggle media autoplay through a toolbar button would be good.
    Making it easier to modify the navigation toolbar buttons, for example by using .png images would help.
    Having an option to change the space between bookmark and extension buttons in the Preferences is something I think is really needed.

  • VSDGenerator (or just have an option on desktop to do the speed dial thumbnails the way the Android version does it)

  • I'd love to see the team look at integrating some of the mods from the excellent VivaldiHooks, specifically:

    qc-close-tab.js //Close Tab button in Quick Commands
    speeddial-shortcuts.js //Keyboard shortcuts for SpeedDial
    speeddial-spacing.js // Change SD tiles geometry (spacing etc.)
    zoom-control-wheel.js //Zoom with a mouse wheel over a zoom control in a status bar

  • I think it only makes sense for Vivaldi to integrate a few of the mods I use, things like the Sessions Panel the panel controls like zoom, kill, find, etc., and *maybe* Autosave Sessions.

    More to the point though, the very existence of these mods makes all of them extremely low priority. I'd much rather have the Vivaldi dev team spend their limited resources on developing functionality I don't have access to rather than refactoring code to internalize it.

    The effort to install & maintain mods is minimal. Directing new users to useful mods helps to illuminate the power Vivaldi provides the end user and grow the modding community. So while there are a handful of mods that make sense from a design standpoint to be internalized, I don't think internalizing them makes sense from a project management standpoint, at least at this time.

    The ones that I think would make the most sense not only need to fit from a design standpoint, but would also benefit from ownership by Vivaldi -- that is to say they would grow beyond their current scope.

    With that in mind, the Sessions Panel makes the most sense to me. There is some functionality that I think should be added to the panel, which wild be more easily done internally, and it is a superior UX to accessing and managing sessions than the current UI offers. In that case, both Vivaldi and the mod are benefitting.

    Although it may not check all my other requirements, because it protects users from data loss I've included Autosave Sessions on the list. Unfortunately it typically requires a user being bit once before they investigate a way to have their session protected. The Autosave Sessions mod is great for that, and having it internal would really serve to differentiate Vivaldi as well.

    But as a general rule, it's the functionality that people want which has not, and especially cannot, be had by installing a mod that I would rather have Vivaldi working to build rather than moving mods to the Vivaldi maintained code base.

  • how about superdrag extension
    drag text to search, drag hyperlink to open in new tab, drag img to open in other tab

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