• Hi , im a guy who love bookmarks , and i love how u can change from one favorit site to another! i tryed out your "show Bookmarks bar" feature and i noticed som things i like and didnt like! 1. seems like a bug , but when u are trying to change the name off the bookmark it does not change when i hit ENTER. (only when i deactivate the Feature and activate it again its seem to do the thrik! 2. I miss the oppertunity to drag the tab down to my "bookmarks bar" (i`ve used chrome for some time, and i whanted to give vivaldi a go! so this is critical for me before i can actualy use this browser instead :dry: ) 3, And hey , i use and i gues there are people who uses more than one screen at one time, plz make it easier make a tab standalone instead of opening vivaldi more than one time:)


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