Apparent bug with pinned tabs (first beta)

  • On two Windows 10 test machines, if I pin more than one or two tabs, I then frequently have trouble selecting them. For example, I'll pin Tab A, Tab B, Tab C, and Tab D. Then I have a few un-pinned tabs, as well. When I then click on Tab A, what displays are the contents of Tab C or D. If I wait a few minutes and try again, or reload, often the proper contents will display. I have reproduced this several times on two different machines, but have not determined exactly what is the cause. (As sometimes the tabs will function properly) Any ideas? Side note: I'd love to see the ability to move tabs between windows like Chrome can. I have multiple displays and keep a browser window in each. Occasionally it's useful to relocate a tab from one screen to another, and in Chrome this is as simple as dragging the tab over. In Vivaldi I can only move tabs within their 'home' window.


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