Do you remember who told you about Vivaldi? 😊

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    Google told me. At the time, I was looking for a replacement for Maxthon, because I found out the Chinese company behind it was engaging in underhanded practices. I didn't want to use Chrome, Firefox nor Internet Explorer; and Opera was out of the question with its new design and engine. I had been through other browsers in the past, and I wanted to find something different; something that wasn't so Chrome-like.
    Eventually, I saw the name Vivaldi. Being a musician, the name jumped out at me, so out of curiosity I checked it out... and never looked back!

  • I was very frutrated with new Opera and switched to Chromium. But I still did read news at and Ilya @Shpankov wrote about Vivaldi.
    Vivaldi was very alpha and I don't know why I didn't swithed then. But several days ago I installed Vivaldi out of curiosity and falled in love with it in no time.

  • Do you remember who...

    No, not their name, anymore.

    Do you remember where...

    Oh yes, with clarity. It was in the Opera Blog such as it was back in the "O"15+ dark dank depressed days. Update after update issued forth, only to leave a growing & vocal cadre of us there ever more frustrated & annoyed at the dire loss of capabilities, but much worse even than that, the growing realisation that "O"15+ would never be "our" browser again, & indeed its aspirations were more & more careening off into a swamp of sorrowful superficiality, a bog of banal blandness.

    The blog found so many of us bellyaching & whingeing at the pile of crapitude our beloved browser had become. Then, one day, some kind user there mentioned they'd heard of a new kid on the block, something called Vivaldi. Here's my very first Vivaldi Notes note i wrote myself, in TP1, on 7 Feb 2015:

    Vivaldi -- the new old Opera!

    7/2/15 00:26: Cool - keep watching for V development... this might become the new old Opera!!!

    22/2/15: I have now made Vivaldi my default browser. Even though it remains buggy, crashy, & still lacks much key functionality, it already has enough Pros compared to Chromium & Opera Dev that it is worthwhile taking this step.

    31/3/15: Weekly updates have continued & it's just getting better & better. Stability hassles are substantially reduced, & it's just more & more a delight to use.

  • Like many others, I think it was in the comments of an Opera release announcement on their website. I used to follow the release announcements for Opera snapshots and betas and read the comments. And many people were disappointed in change in direction of the Chromium-based Opera. Someone posted a link about Vivaldi.

    I seem to remember that the community for Vivaldi was first. But I don't think it was confirmed that there was going to be a browser. I think people were speculating that Jon might release a new browser. I want to say that there was the .net domain for the community. And the .com domain existed but it wasn't clear what it would be used for until a bit later. I think some people even went as far as to look up trademark filings to see that a web browser was planned.

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