Do you remember who told you about Vivaldi? 😊

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    This Twitter thread is doing so well that we also want to hear from you who are not on Twitter! 😇

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    Nobody told me about it, Vivaldi at the time, having just presented it's first stable version, was still quite unknown. It was discovered by pure chance, when looking for an alternative browser to the one I used at the time, Chrome, and going through several candidates, Avant, Opera, Maxton, SRWare Iron (also an excellent browser) and some others, I stumbled upon an article about Vivaldi in a Magazine where it was mentioned among others, I downloaded it and have stayed with it ever since.

  • Pretty sure it was some user post on the opera forums that either led me to vivaldi directly or to a news post, which in turn made me access vivaldi. Since myopera was shut down in 2014, it was probably in some other presto-friendly section, I just cannot remember where exactly. Possibly, although not very likely, it was even the semi-official IRC channel.

  • 🔥 I am a regular reader of the German Tech News website and in October 2018 I read an article about the Vivaldi browser. Since then I am fire and flame in the matter of Vivaldi Browser.. 🔥

  • Ruari invited me to help test it, does that count? 😉

  • I am old time Opera user and MyOpera subscriber.

  • @sgunhouse Yes.
    I'm also interested in @Gaëlle's story who tends to just ask those questions without writing much about herself 🙂

  • I think I read an article on back in 2015, decided to try it out. Quickly found out it was lacking in features and stability compared to Firefox at the time, so decided to wait until things got better.

    Came back a couple of years later after FF went all dumbed down with Quantum.

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    @Gaëlle No unfortunately, I do not. I read in some Tech newsletter I get that mentioned Jon and a few Opera developers were going to develop a replacement for O12. There was a link to Vivaldi to sign up for a review of the Alpha version.
    I've been here ever since.

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    I only recall that I had been doggedly hanging on at the Opera blogs defending their efforts and hoping against hope that the browser would return to the glory of its earlier incarnations, when the day the first TP came out, some regular contributor to the Opera blogs mentioned it, and that it was a JSVT+Team project. I downloaded it and never looked back. I have no idea whose post it was that I saw. But given how early it was in the development process, there could not have been more than one or two such posts that entire day.

  • @Ayespy JSVT?

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    @Hadden89 Jon Stephenson Von Tetzchner

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    @Ayespy Yes, was in the news of the release of a Stable version of that deal that replaced the old Opera, as many hoped that at some point they would regain their hindsight and then, Jon sneaked in (i would not go wrong but it seems to me that it was him) posting the release of the first TP i immediately went to try it and from there i did not move anymore, the sky was back serene.

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    I saw someone mention it in a blog post over at Opera, just in time to check out the first technical preview. Started using Vivaldi as my main browser a couple of tech previews later. 🙂

  • Someone in the forum, but not sure which one (the dear old My Opera forum or the "new" one). I joined Viv community February 2014, so must be before that.
    Don't remember who, but.., now having read this, it was quite possibly you, Steve. 🍺

    @sgunhouse said in Do you remember who told you about Vivaldi? 😊:

    Ruari invited me to help test it, does that count? 😉

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    Tamil invited me to help the forums. Later olli supported my request to move&pin&purge thread on Portuguese local forum.

    Tip from zahek

  • Started to wish Opera had a thinner navigation UI, so I searched for the most customizable browser and Vivaldi 😁 showed up.

  • @mimismum Vivaldi forum? There was a public post about it before they took MyOpera down. That's where I found out about it. I thought they were talking about the browser here ...

  • @sgunhouse That is possible. So that public announcement was posted in old MyOpera forum, not the "new" Opera Forum? That is the point I don't remember. And you didn't mention it at MyOpera forum before that post was made?

    My understanding of order of events is: 1. Jon decides to found Vivaldi Technology to develop an old Opera-like browser; 2. Viv Tech launched; 3. Viv Tech starts Vivaldi Forum; 4. Viv Tech releases 1st Vivaldi Browser (technical preview or similarly named, I think)

    I saw a post about Viv (Forum or Forum & coming browser), presumably the same time as event-3, and joined pretty soon after that. So when I joined Viv Forum, the browser it may have not been released, but I already knew about it.

  • Jon heard they were taking down the community and decided to offer a replacement. Whether that was before or after he decided to do the browser I don't know ... but I thought they shut down MyOpera before the first version of new Opera came out (in July of 2013) ... nope, there's a couple of posts here about MyOpera in February, 2014 so I guess Opera 15 was first. (Not that anyone liked Opera 15 - a browser without Bookmarks?)

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