Lots of Questions from Newbie Vivaldi User

  • Please bear with questions from newbie user. Am very excited to find Vivaldi, after using the "old Opera" for many years (then switched to K-Meleon and SeaMonkey but they are pretty obsolete now). Just downloaded and installed Vivaldi and am a little lost. Some questions/comments: 1. Love the NOTES feature and the nice long URL locator box. Like the clean appearance of pages. 2. Anxious to find new "skins" or can we set PAGE COLORS & VISITED LINK COLORS, ETC. with the basic program? 3. Where/how to add on extensions and plug-ins, like video viewer & PDF reader? 4. Miss the PREF BAR where one can toggle on/off Cookies, Javascript, Images, etc. up at top of browser. 5. Can we set a default to open always in PAGES instead of TABS? 6. Having problems distinguishing current page from background pages because they're all white with little or no borders. Thanks for any help/answers and best wishes with this exciting new program!

  • Hello 🙂
    1 - I can't agree more
    2 - TBA, stay tunned.
    3 - Tools > Show extensions > (down) get more extensions
    5 - Not that I know of.

  • Moderator

    3. Ctrl+shift+E
    5. Not yet
    6. True, the dark theme is better on such regard. Or you can try going to "Settings >> Tabs" and set either "Use page colour" or "Transparent tabs" (Option names may be different)


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