How to enable « create your own Blog » ?

  • Hi all, I came to Vivaldi to manage a light personnal blog, on a desktop computer, from my home. I was specifically looking for a not private-life intrusive platform. All is alright till now, but I can't start creating a Blog, option is in grey / non functionnal.

    How can I open this functionnality please ? I insist on the desktop computer thing, on a fixed internet line, and I insist even more on the non-intrusive quality I expect from Vivaldi.

    Now willing to start a gentle light blog, and waiting on the How-To de-grey this fonction.

    Thanks in advance

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    @Gabuzomeuh Hi,

    When you created your account, did you complete the account verification step? You would need to do this first to start a blog.

  • @LonM FWIW, already posted and solved (see Gaëlle's reply) in the French forum board.

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    @hlehyaric Thank you, I missed that other topic.

  • Thank you, my question on the French Forum was answered, and thanks for that, but it wasn't solved.

    I had a look on the account window, it still asks for a mobile phone.

    I don't intend to start a mobile phone service, I want to start a light blog on a desk computer.

    I come to Vivaldi for a supposed non-intrusive world, and I'm asked a mobile phone number...

    So my question still stands : how can I start this blog without having to buy / be spied by / a stupid mobile phone ?

    Thanks in advance

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    @Gabuzomeuh Sorry for you. But this phone mumber is needed for a blog. Was introduced as we got many users abusing terms of use by spamming and other malicious acts.
    See as Help for registration says:

    Phone number. If you wish to use Vivaldi’s Webmail and Blogging services, for security reasons, it is necessary to verify your phone number.

  • What about my IP then ? IP tells who I am, where I live, and so on.
    Or a fixed house phone number, the same that works on my computer Net line ?
    There are many other ways to ensure I am no terrorist or child molester, than to have me getting a ball and chain mobile phone.

    I don't like at all the idea of Vivaldi forcing me to have / give my mobile phone number. I immediately think Vivaldi is just another personnal datas snatcher.

    No thanks

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    @Gabuzomeuh Please contact the support.

    Open Vivaldi Support page, scroll down until you see "I need help with ...", select " account and services", fill the form and send us message.
    Thanks for your feedback. The Support team will look into your request as soon as possible. Please note that their working hours are Monday to Friday, 08:00 CET - 18:00 CET.

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    @Gabuzomeuh , IP is not a guarantee, since spammers and bots usually use a proxie or a VPN, apart from a temporary email.
    I also don't like this 2FA with the phone number, but it is one of the few methods to avoid malicious people.
    Perhaps another way of doing it maybe can be used in the future, as it is certainly also an invasion of privacy.
    Sorry for this inconvenience

  • Glad not to be alone. (Btw, what did Polll do to get banned ? )

    And thank you for the previous answers, but no way, if a browser / blog is said to be non intrusive, it should not force me to get a mobile phone that tells all my private life to the world.

    That's why I consider Vivaldi another data collector.

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