Mail "Send" button location could be better

  • I had trouble finding the send button. I was looking all around the area where the fields are, but couldn't find it. I then look towards the top left and clicked on the green arrow button pointing to the left thinking that was it, but it wasn't. Then, I finally figured out it was the button next to that one. I used to use roundcube mail on my site, but that was a long time ago and I don't even remember what it looked like then. I should probably take this up on the roundcube list instead though. But, roundcube allows you to tweak the location of the buttons, that might be something to look into. (I'm more used to squirrelmail and other webmails there there's a "send" (as text) button)

  • I agree that text next to the icon would be beneficial. The icon is rather American-centric, and even within that context it makes me think more of a "mark as unread" icon. (At least, if I understand American mailboxes correctly the mailman sticks up the flag if there's mail, and the recipient turns it down again while taking it out.)

  • Actually, you stick the flag up on your mailbox when you have stuff in the box to send. That let's the mailman know. After he takes the stuff out, he puts the flag down.

  • I see. In any case, that only illustrates my point. :)

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