Please add a new "closing tabs" option

  • Hi, It could be nice to have a new closing option for tabs. Actually, user could "close current tab" or "close all other tabs". I use Vivaldi since the first public release, bu, It frustrating when I want close all tabs newly openned without close old time open tabs. Adding "close all tabs after current" and "close all tabs before current" could be a very interresting feature for Vivaldi. Sincerly.

  • Moderator

    Close tabs to the right may be useful.

    You can pin tabs to stop them being closed.

  • But is not a good solution; when i do a google search on specific subject I open so many tabs and when I have found interresting website, i would like to close other remaining tab (on the right of the current opened tabs) without PIN other tabs (tabs that don't want to keep when I close my browser)

  • Hello, for me the feature "Close tabs to the right" is also better than the first mentioned closing last opened tabs… That would be little bit confusing. But close tabs to the right is simple and intuitive.


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