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  • I'm all about that speculation! So I'm loving the new release of Vivaldi Beta! It feels very light and stable on my laptop. It made me wonder about when Vivaldi Mobile will be coming out for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. We've heard that it's in development as we speak, but will it be released as beta/technical preview while we have Vivaldi Beta, and both of them follow the same release cycle? Will Vivaldi Mobile have the panel that we use on the desktop version? How about Vivaldi Mail, or will Vivaldi create a separate app for Mail on Android, iOS, WP? And will it be released once we have Vivaldi Sync? I'm guessing so because we're gonna want to sync between out desktops and phones.

  • I'd be happy with:

    • having Vivaldi on a mobile device
    • synchronizing bookmarks & history with other instances

  • Windows phone, l o l
    Why should they invest time and resources in a dead platform?

  • It already runs on Windows 10. If you implement it as an Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app, you get Vivaldi on your windows phone for "free".

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    The Vivaldi desktop browser will have a embedded mail client (in some weeks or beginning of next year?) and if a mobile version appears it may have it, too.

  • That was one of the main things I was wondering, if the mobile version would have the mail client, or if they make a separate mail client for mobile or nothing at all. Personally, I think Gmail on Android is great, but I'd love to see what the introduce for me.

  • Mobile version for android would be enough for me. The desktop version is great as it is, if I could instal on android and sync tabs I would go for that and make Vivaldi my go to browser for both.

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