"Old Guy" visual UI enhancements

  • One thing that happens as we get older is that we need things to be bigger to see them I maintain a few large icon themes on Firfox, and I recommend an extension that enlarges the chrome so that users can read the text. With Firefox you can set the Zoom function to enlarge the text without enlarging the pictures on a page. Using All-in-One Mouse Gestures, you can set your mouse to enlarge selective pictures. The browser has a minimum text size. And with the Theme Font and Size Changer extension you can toggle that minimum size on and off with a button click. But the best function of all is the three buttons that engage the Zoom function: (+) (0) (-). They are a Godsend. When you encounter a page with small text, you can quickly enlarge it to a readable size using only your mouse. So to make a browser old-guy friendly I need four buttons -- the three Zoom buttons and a Toggle Minimum Size button. Also, I need the capacity to increase the font size while leaving pictures undisturbed, and I need the capacity to enlarge pictures while leaving the text undisturbed. These would be the minimum needed for an old person's UI package. It could be an extension, since only us old guys need it. But the package should be available. And no, the current system of changing font sizes by burrowing into the menu structure is not adequate. Remember, Vivaldi specializes in speed. Its a fast browser. But if I can't see the text right away, I'd rather use Firefox. I know I have not covered all the enhancements that vision-impaired people would like. Perhaps they could add to the wish list.

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    Accessibility options, including things like persistent zoom settings, will be coming.


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