Allow Editing of Context Menus

  • @stardepp Yes, I was thinking of those context menus. To copy a link, to save a link as a bookmark, to save a picture, etc.

  • Part of me is afraid that this essential feature (element context menu editing) will ended up falling by the wayside. I mean, let's remember the original post asking for users to be able to edit menus is from 2018. We are in 2020, who knows when you're going to be able to remove all the bloat and fix the mess that vivaldi element context menus became? Also, the whole fact that vivaldi's team sort of “rush” this feature, makes me think that adding the context menu customization that everybody wanted is pretty complicated and it's a long way off yet (if it were just some other 3 or 4 months of work away, why not just wait?)

    Also, I really think that marketing that vivaldi now allows editing context menus, it's a really poor marketing strategy, cause you're promising something that you're not delivering, which most likely will leave a lot of users frustrated – hence the wave of comments were today talking precisely about that.

  • @ericpa06
    please read the thread about the coming mailreader M3 within vivaldi. there a many user who said, share your alpha state of the mailer with us. but M3 is "held back" by @jon , who wants a minimum of security for the existing mails (which is understandable) and a minimum of functionality. so years have passed with nothing to test (for us users)

    with the context menus I see it similar, only that here already the menus can be adapted for which it is possible and the "difficult menus" can be edited later.
    that's why I personally think, it's very good that some of the menus can already be purged now.
    and yes, of course I would also like to edit the most frequently used context menu of the website/images, but that will come. and I don't think it will take 2 years again

  • this very post is also still marked as "in progress". i don't think that things get left halfway here, they get constantly improved if you've used vivaldi for a while now. you can see how it changed over time and it is a huge damn whole of a lot. also how much time does it take to make a game (vivaldia) from scratch? a lot too but they did it.

    which menus are missing? pics, page and links?

  • Was so excited to read context menu customisation was finally in an update... only to realise it didn't include the web link context menu.

    As small a feature as it sounds, it's definitely been the one thing stopping me from using vivaldi full time, my muscle memory had become so accustomed over the years to having "open in new background tab" first rather than second on the context menu that I get tripped up by vivaldis standard context priority quite often (of course I know you can ctrl click a link too, but generally only use that for clicking more than one link in quick succession)

    Anyway, hoping the feature is not left too much longer, assuming the groundwork to make this happen has pretty much been done with the last update though?

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    @diarx Every context menu (I think there are a total of 11 of them) that relies on web page content is not under the exclusive control of Vivaldi. This is context menu structure that is inherited from Chromium, and MUCH more complex to reconfigure. That said, web page context menues will be customizable. It will simply take more time.

  • this browser already has crazy features and it has no intention to stop, thank you to all the crazy aka ambitious people behind it.

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